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Are there any technological benefits to war?

In the same way you don’t spare water unless you are facing a drought, technology never advanced much until it was a necessity. While I am not a supporter of war and believe that it brings little more than destruction to this world, there have been some serious technological advancements from wars in the past.

Not only were there several advances in technology but within the medical field as well. Here are our top 5 picks on advances war has brought.

1. Blood Transfusions

We have listed this as the number one advancement as it saves lives. While blood transfusions did exist before the world war I, storage of blood was not. The world had not found a safe way to store and transport blood. With the need of blood plasma out on the field with wounded soldiers, doctors worked around the clock to find a way to do just this. Dr Charels Drew, was the Pioneering mind behind blood storage. His blood banks helped save millions of lives during the war.

2. Plastic Surgery

Prior to World war II there was little need for the use of plastic surgery. With plenty of casualties Dr Harold Gillies ( known as the father of plastic surgery) devoted his time and efforts into healing soldiers with gunshot wounds to the face. His work has touched millions of lives since.

3. Railway systems and Infrastructure

The railway line was largely used to transport soldiers and supplies during the war time. Lincoln recognized the importance of laying down proper infrastructure. We have war time to thank for the boom in railway systems and automobiles. There was a huge need to transport soldiers from one point to another as fast as possible as time was always of the essence. Today Railway lines are still used to get people across the country and to work.

4. Guns and war machines

There is something about fighting with swords and arrows that makes war seem like something out of the movies. This is because technology has advanced so that we now have night vision and red dot sight. Back in the day you were not able to actively attack in the dark as to a great degree you were “blinded by night” Although the first idea of a machine gun was invented in 1717 the first proper machine gun as we know them today was invented in 1884 buy Hiram Stevens Maxim. We have him to thank for our modern automatic weapons.

5. Computers

Yes, you read correctly. The idea of the modern computer was invented by Alan Turing, originally called a turning machine. Alan was the first person to put together a machine which later cracked the Germans Enigma machine. It is said that his efforts greatly reduced the length of the warm and ultimately saved lives. He was never properly thanked, instead he was prosecuted for being homosexual and was sentenced to chemical castration. In 2013 he was issued a pardon for his “crimes”

As you can see, this list could very easily be pages and pages long. Telegram machines, Cell phones, Phones, Gps, Nuclear power and even pressurized cabins are just a few more things we have war to thank for.


Singapore Reveals Robocop car

It looks as if nearly every country around the world will soon have its own robot police officer. In Singapore, things are a bit different. Their RoboCop car is quite interesting to note. A robotic security car is not something we see all that often. However, do not underestimate this vehicle, as it is armed with a drone capable of chasing suspects.

If RoboCop has a gun in his thigh, this robotic security car from Singapore has a drone that it can send after intruders. Singaporean startup Otsaw Digital has created a 176-pound golf-cart-sized automated vehicle called O-R3 that companies can use for security. It has 3D LIDAR sensors and GPS, along with other instruments that it uses to spot unattended bags and to differentiate between employees and intruders. If it spots a bag that remains unattended for five minutes, for instance, it raises an alarm and marks it for further investigation in case it’s something dangerous.

It can differentiate the people security personnel mark as employees from unknown individuals. If it determines that a person is an intruder, it will send a drone from the Robocop’s durable drone case, after him up to around 328 feet away. Otsaw chief Ling Ting Ming explains that the drone can be especially useful if there are obstacles blocking the vehicle’s way since it can provide an aerial view of the area to expose potential hiding places.

Singapore expects robots to play a big role in its bid to become the world’s first smart city, and it sounds like Otsaw’s O-R3 fits its government’s vision perfectly. Clients will be able to rent one for $10,000 a month, which is slightly less than what establishments in the country are paying four security guards. While it can take over the low-level tasks, such as patrolling areas, from humans, though, Ling believes the machine can’t completely replace flesh-and-blood workers. O-R3, he says, can complement human security personnel hired for jobs that require a higher level of skills.

You can watch O-R3 in action below. To note, it’s the outdoor version of the machine. The company is also working on a smaller indoor version with no lasers and drones, and which will likely cost less.

It is important to keep in mind Singapore has no plans to fully replace human security guards by any means. Low-level tasks can be completed by the RoboCop car, but proper investigative work will always be a human task. Complementing human skills with tireless robotics can prove to be quite the potent combination. It will be interesting to see how the general public responds to this cute but professional vehicle



The Growth and Influence of War Games


Military games have always been in demand and the gaming industry today has two major genres that to cater to – racing games and war games. While racing games are reported to be played by younger children, teenagers have an inclination towards action packed games involving wars and fights. Gone are the days when kids used to practice outdoors on balance bikes like these. Today the era is that of gaming and there are a large number of games being played online.

With good graphics and proper images, games can be sold to all parts of the world. The marketing strategy in the gaming industry is based around giving the users a visual treat. Of course, the quality of the game also makes for an important factor but before the reviews come out, marketers believe in giving the users visually stunning content to attract them. It is the psyche of the average man that anything which is visually appealing would gain more traction and with marketing spreading its wings across the web, it is essential for marketers to give their users a good visual treat in order to lure them into buying the game.

Modes of marketing in the current era have moved online with social media marketing being one of the strongest marketing means. Social media is full of colorful pictures that are made for the sole purpose of attracting the average internaut. The TG of the gaming industry is present on social portals like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. When marketers give gaming aficionados the right kind of content, they are able to increase their sales. Blogs and reviews accompanied by images and videos leave a lasting influence on the buyer. Therefore giving the users picturesque content is more important than ever.

War related games come in various types. Some games would feature Genghis Khan’s army while others would be a version of World War II. Finding the right images is extremely important for marketers and therefore a lot of research goes into creating the right kind of images that would capture the attention of users around the globe. There is no doubt about the fact that with good graphics and images being used in marketing, war games can be sold across various portals online and in other shops. Internet has made for a great medium to market games and the gaming industry has increased its budget for digital marketing exponentially in the current era. Therefore it is always a good idea to give your potential buyers great content.

Military Paintings

Famous Paintings from WW2

World War II was both a positive and negative time for the art world.  On the up side, you have unforgettable and touching paintings.  But on the down side, a lot of art work was destroyed or went missing throughout the war. rosie

One of the most famous pieces of art work that is believed to be missing to date includes “The Painter on the Road to Tarascon” which was created by Vincent Van Gough in 1888.  This specific painting was one of Vincent’s most prized pieces and it probably burned when the town of Magdeburg was bombed.

WWII: Rosie the Riveter- The most recognizable painting from World War II is probably Rosie the Riveter.  In this iconic painting, a woman is rolling up her sleeve and there is a logo that states, “we can do it”.  She is wearing a red bandana and has the look of determination on her face.  This painting is significant to World War II because it shows the significance of woman during the war.  They played important parts in the war; including nurses, workers in manufacturing plants that produced defense weapons, and holding down the home.

Kissing the War Goodbye- Another iconic painting from World War II is called Kissing the War Goodbye.  This painting took place in Time Squares in New York City.  A soldier is finally home and he is kissing his girlfriend/wife.  The amount of happiness and joy can be felt throughout the entire image.  In the background, you can see a sailor smiling and a woman who looks surprised.  This is also one of the most romantic images of all time.

This was one of the first paintings ever to be touched up by a handheld paint sprayer, as some of the paint wore off over time and it was repainted in 1974.

WWII U.S Troops Coblenz- This famous image from World War II shows U.S soldiers who are crouched down to the ground behind a tank.  This painting shows what the soldiers were surrounded with.  There is a large pile of dirt, rocks, trash on the right side of the soldiers.  This painting is significant to WW II because it shows an accurate image of the weapons used during this war.  The United States used large tanks in order to defend our troops and keep the men safe.

WWII Normandy Invasion- The man who is the focal point of this painting looks strong and determined.  This is significant because the rest of the world had all but given up hope.  Multiple countries were relying on America to come in and save the day.  Even though America was hesitant to enter WWII, they were forced to enter (mainly as a result of Pearl Harbor).  The Normandy Invasion was also a turning point in the war.  This is a powerful painting from World War II.

WWII Bond Poster- In this painting, Uncle Sam looks strong as he assertively points his finger and holds the American flag.  There are airplanes at the top of the painting and soldiers at the bottom of the painter.  They are a constant reminder of the soldiers that you are going to be helping.  The bond poser is significant to WWII because it depicts the important of the public during this war.  Everyone in America was impacted and involved in the war.  And by purchasing war bonds, you could support soldiers and the war.  The majority of people in America knew someone who was fighting in the war.

World War II was an important time frame for art work.  And these are some of the pieces that are famous throughout the world.

Art Museums

Best Art Museums in Cali

Best Art Museums in California

California boasts many reasons to visit, and the art museums are just one attraction that has become incredibly popular. Art is inspiring, and regardless of your age or background there will be some form of art that you appreciate. Visiting the art museums in California is straightforward, and will ensure that you leave with a larger appreciation.

There are many top art museums to choose, and you may not have time to get to them all, however, researching before you leave home will guarantee that you visit as many as possible. You will be amazed at the vast array of choice, and the number of exhibits on offer throughout California. With something for everyone, disappointment is not an option.

Bakersfield Museum of Art is a nonprofit organization that relies on the generosity of its members and supporters. The aim of the museum is to improve and enhance the quality of life of the people that visit through education and art appreciation. Over the last 56 years, this museum has gone from strength to strength and is now considered one of the best art museums in California.

Fresno Art Museum is an exciting museum that offers exciting exhibits both permanent and visiting; ensuring that you will never tire of exploring what it has to offer. The exhibits reflect the artistic and cultural changes that have occurred over the years, and are now an accredited art museum. This museum offers a brilliant educational program and plays a crucial part as the history and arts educator in the area.

The Wildling Art Museum offers an alternative to traditional art museums which is appealing to many people. Although this museum is small, it has a vast array of supporters who want to ensure that it grows and develops. Since they first opened their doors they have steadily been increasing the number of exhibits, and now offer 40 breathtaking exhibitions, including more modern exhibitions like green design and contemporary speakers  The concept is to inspire and educate the next generation.

The Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History believe that without the community, there would be no art to enjoy. The people who visit this museum instantly notice that there is a massive vibrant atmosphere that everyone can enjoy. Through art everyone is brought together to embrace and share the magical moments. By ensuring that everyone is involved, art becomes something that you are no longer intrigued by, and want to explore it further.  One of the great displays is a massive moving art project that is fueled by commercial air compressors.

The Orange County of Museum of Art is considered to be the premier visual art museum in Orange County. With a population of over three million residents, there are a large number of people to satisfy every year. This museum has critically acclaimed exhibitions such as Pollock and Picasso, and several modern artists that defiantly bend the rules. This museum is certainly one that you do not want to miss when visiting California.


A Typical Civil War Day

Being a solider during the Civil War was especially difficult.  Soldiers had to worry about fighting in addition to getting food and performing daily chores.  Below are some quick facts about a typical day for a solider during the civil war.

Wake up at dawn –  Soldiers had to wake up at dawn every day.  There was no sleeping in or being lazy for the young men at war.   After they were woken up, they had to participate in drills and training.  Southern men were at an advantage when it came to shooting because they were used to hunting.

Daily chores-  Some of the daily chores included cooking food, making any necessary fixes to uniforms, cleaning weapons, and maintaining equipment.  During the very beginning of the Civil War, the soldiers did not have official uniforms.  This made things difficult during battle because you could not easily see which side someone was on.  Later on in the war, the Union wore blue and the Confederates wore grey.

Free time was limited-  When soldiers had some free time, they were likely to write letters to home or play some cards.  Soldiers had limited free time because discipline was strict.  If they made a mistake, they might have had to chop wood or stay up extra late on guard duty.

Pets weren’t that uncommon-  Despite the fact that soldier’s weren’t ordered to have pets; a large number of people had dogs and cats when they went to war.  General Lee supposedly had a pet chicken who would provide him with fresh eggs.

Food was limited-  Unfortunately, the soldiers from the Civil War had to endure a limited food supply.  It was common for them to eat crackers which were made out of a blend of flour, water, and salt.  Food and other necessary goods were limited in the south because a large percentage of ports were blockaded.  There was also approximately twice the amount of soldiers who were in the Union than the Confederate.  The number of soldiers in the Union was approximately 2,100,000 and the population of the Confederate was approximately 1,064,000.

Contagious medical conditions and infections were common-  Because the Civil War took place before scientists discovered infections, doctors would treat soldiers without washing their hands.  Soldiers were also unaware of the importance of washing their hands and wounds.  Over 60% of deaths from the Civil War were due to diseases.   Because they didn’t have eye protection such as dark sunglasses, many often suffered eye infections that caused them to lose an eye.

They didn’t move a lot during the winter months-  During the cold winter months, it was common for soldiers to stay in the same place for an extended period of time.  Soldiers would spend hours building the camp to stay in during the fall.   They didn’t have modern washers as they do today, so clothes stayed soiled and dirty.

Other quick facts about the civil war-

Nurses:  Nurses played an important role during the Civil War.  Clara Barton was a popular nurse who was referred to as the “Angel of Battlefields”.  She is most famous for founding the American Red Cross.

There were low standards when it came to sanitation:  Camps were disgusting and dirty because there were extremely low expectations when it came to sanitation.  There had been few very advancements when it comes to medical science.

Things were extremely difficult for soldiers during the Civil War.  A large percentage of soldiers were poor young men who didn’t have enough experience.  The Civil War killed the most Americans out of any war that we have ever participated in.