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Best Art Museums in Cali

Best Art Museums in California

California boasts many reasons to visit, and the art museums are just one attraction that has become incredibly popular. Art is inspiring, and regardless of your age or background there will be some form of art that you appreciate. Visiting the art museums in California is straightforward, and will ensure that you leave with a larger appreciation.

There are many top art museums to choose, and you may not have time to get to them all, however, researching before you leave home will guarantee that you visit as many as possible. You will be amazed at the vast array of choice, and the number of exhibits on offer throughout California. With something for everyone, disappointment is not an option.

Bakersfield Museum of Art is a nonprofit organization that relies on the generosity of its members and supporters. The aim of the museum is to improve and enhance the quality of life of the people that visit through education and art appreciation. Over the last 56 years, this museum has gone from strength to strength and is now considered one of the best art museums in California.

Fresno Art Museum is an exciting museum that offers exciting exhibits both permanent and visiting; ensuring that you will never tire of exploring what it has to offer. The exhibits reflect the artistic and cultural changes that have occurred over the years, and are now an accredited art museum. This museum offers a brilliant educational program and plays a crucial part as the history and arts educator in the area.

The Wildling Art Museum offers an alternative to traditional art museums which is appealing to many people. Although this museum is small, it has a vast array of supporters who want to ensure that it grows and develops. Since they first opened their doors they have steadily been increasing the number of exhibits, and now offer 40 breathtaking exhibitions, including more modern exhibitions like green design and contemporary speakers  The concept is to inspire and educate the next generation.

The Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History believe that without the community, there would be no art to enjoy. The people who visit this museum instantly notice that there is a massive vibrant atmosphere that everyone can enjoy. Through art everyone is brought together to embrace and share the magical moments. By ensuring that everyone is involved, art becomes something that you are no longer intrigued by, and want to explore it further.  One of the great displays is a massive moving art project that is fueled by commercial air compressors.

The Orange County of Museum of Art is considered to be the premier visual art museum in Orange County. With a population of over three million residents, there are a large number of people to satisfy every year. This museum has critically acclaimed exhibitions such as Pollock and Picasso, and several modern artists that defiantly bend the rules. This museum is certainly one that you do not want to miss when visiting California.