Military Paintings

Famous Paintings from WW2

World War II was both a positive and negative time for the art world.  On the up side, you have unforgettable and touching paintings.  But on the down side, a lot of art work was destroyed or went missing throughout the war. rosie

One of the most famous pieces of art work that is believed to be missing to date includes “The Painter on the Road to Tarascon” which was created by Vincent Van Gough in 1888.  This specific painting was one of Vincent’s most prized pieces and it probably burned when the town of Magdeburg was bombed.

WWII: Rosie the Riveter- The most recognizable painting from World War II is probably Rosie the Riveter.  In this iconic painting, a woman is rolling up her sleeve and there is a logo that states, “we can do it”.  She is wearing a red bandana and has the look of determination on her face.  This painting is significant to World War II because it shows the significance of woman during the war.  They played important parts in the war; including nurses, workers in manufacturing plants that produced defense weapons, and holding down the home.

Kissing the War Goodbye- Another iconic painting from World War II is called Kissing the War Goodbye.  This painting took place in Time Squares in New York City.  A soldier is finally home and he is kissing his girlfriend/wife.  The amount of happiness and joy can be felt throughout the entire image.  In the background, you can see a sailor smiling and a woman who looks surprised.  This is also one of the most romantic images of all time.

This was one of the first paintings ever to be touched up by a handheld paint sprayer, as some of the paint wore off over time and it was repainted in 1974.

WWII U.S Troops Coblenz- This famous image from World War II shows U.S soldiers who are crouched down to the ground behind a tank.  This painting shows what the soldiers were surrounded with.  There is a large pile of dirt, rocks, trash on the right side of the soldiers.  This painting is significant to WW II because it shows an accurate image of the weapons used during this war.  The United States used large tanks in order to defend our troops and keep the men safe.

WWII Normandy Invasion- The man who is the focal point of this painting looks strong and determined.  This is significant because the rest of the world had all but given up hope.  Multiple countries were relying on America to come in and save the day.  Even though America was hesitant to enter WWII, they were forced to enter (mainly as a result of Pearl Harbor).  The Normandy Invasion was also a turning point in the war.  This is a powerful painting from World War II.

WWII Bond Poster- In this painting, Uncle Sam looks strong as he assertively points his finger and holds the American flag.  There are airplanes at the top of the painting and soldiers at the bottom of the painter.  They are a constant reminder of the soldiers that you are going to be helping.  The bond poser is significant to WWII because it depicts the important of the public during this war.  Everyone in America was impacted and involved in the war.  And by purchasing war bonds, you could support soldiers and the war.  The majority of people in America knew someone who was fighting in the war.

World War II was an important time frame for art work.  And these are some of the pieces that are famous throughout the world.